2017 Flyer & Convention Information

More Information and What to Expect!

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2017 Judges & Seminars
  • Devin Amelunke: Judging Game-Heads/Life-Size 
Seminar “Mounting a Life-Size Bobcat”
  • Mike Nakielski: Judging Birds
Seminar: “Mounting a flying bird”
  • Clint Rickey: Judging Whitetails
Seminar: Show his technique on “Finish Work”
  • Cory Foth: Judging fish
Seminar: HANDS ON” Eye setting and Molding & Casting
  • Todd Kranau: Seminar “Hands on” Hide prepping- Bring a cape to work on!!
  • Shep Brown: Seminar -“Mounting a snake from start to finish”
  • Travis Buss: Seminar -“ S&P Home Safety” Picking the right extinguisher to do the job.
  • Nick Krohn: Seminar- “Photographing mount”
  • Kids Seminar: Fishing at near by lake & craft making
Competition Divisions

Youth – This division is for children. Anything their little minds and hands can create are welcome. Register these pieces at the registration table, not on the registration form.

Amateur (18 years old and under) – This division is for the young novice taxidermist and hobbyist.

Amateur Adult – This division is for the adult novice tax-
idermist and hobbyist.

Professional – This division is for the taxidermist en-
gaged in the taxidermy industry for profit.

Masters – This division is for the taxidermist who has won 2 “Best of Category” awards at any time in any state, national, or world competition in a particular category or anyone who chooses to compete at the highest level.

Collective Artist – This division is for two or more taxi-
dermists who have composed a piece together. They must compete at the level of the highest taxidermist. One ribbon will be given for each award. Ribbons may be purchased for the other taxidermists on the team. Not eligible for Best of Category, Best of Show, Competitor’s Award, or WASCO awards.

Commercial – This division is for any mount from any category and any skill level. Mounts will be reviewed from a slight distance and no flashlights will be used. One ribbon per mount will be awarded. Mounts entered in this division are not eligible for any other awards.

Challenge of the Art
 – This year’s challenge will be a Life-
Size canine All mounts will be given the same consideration by the judges regardless of division. The highest scoring mount out of all of the Life-Size Canine entries from this category will be the award winner. This year’s award winner will choose the 2017 challenge species. Mounts entered in this challenge are also eligible for all other ribbons and awards.

Best All Around Taxidermist – Must do a bird, fish or reptile, game head or deer head, and a life-size, highest cumulative score will be the award winner.

Competitor’s Award – highest accumulated score on any 4 mounts entered by one taxidermist, (may not compete in BAA to win this award).

Single Upland Bird– Any upland bird; permits must accompany protected species.

Single Waterfowl– Any waterfowl; permits must accompany protected species.

Single Turkey– Any turkey.

Single Fish– Any fish with actual skin; cast head and artificial fins allowed.

Deer heads– Whitetail deer only.

Game heads– All game heads including mule deer; excluding whitetail deer; including half-life-sizes; no rugs.

Life-size Mammals (amateur categories)– Any mammal.

Small Life-size Mammals (pro & master)– Any mammal coyote size and smaller.

Large Life-size Mammals (pro & master)– Any mammal larger than a coyote.

Reptiles– Any reptile.

Reproductions– Any medium other than skin mounted taxidermy; commercial and self-made reproductions will be accepted; including acrylic, fiberglass, bronze, and woodcarving.

NSTA Point System
All ribbons (except the commercial division) will be awarded based on the following point system:

First 90-100

Second 80-89

Third 70-79

Conservation WASCO Poly-Transpar
Best Out of State
Justin Suurvarik Memorial
McKenzie Awards - Taxidermists Choice
Amateur Division Awards - Research Mannikins
NE Competitor’s Award & $100 cash

**Plus many other awards**

For a full list and qualifications for each award offered at the
NSTA show, please contact Kim Francis.
Print the Schedule of Events Here
by clicking the link below:

Schedule of Events 2017

Upcoming Schedule of Events

Date Time Event
06/08/2017 4:00pm Vendor and Competition Room set-up
8:00am-3:00pm Registration & entries accepted for competition
10:00am-6:00pm Vendor Room Open

12:00pm Competition Room closes; Entries placed by committee after this.
  11:00am-12:00pm  Seminar 1– Travis Buss– S&P Home Safety “ picking the Correct Extinguisher to do the job and help save equipment”.
  2:00pm Silent Auction
  1:00pm-3:00pm Seminar 2– Cory Foth- “HANDS ON” Eye setting and Molding & Casting.
  3:00pm-5:00pm Seminar 3– Mike Nakielski - “Mounting a flying bird”.
  6:00pm-8:00pm Family Night - Picnic Supper
Seminar 4– Todd Kranau- “HANDS ON” Hide Prepping.
**Bring a Professionally Tanned Cape to work on during seminar.**
  9:00pm-10:00pm Executive Session Board Meeting
Date Time Event
06/10/2017 8:00am-10:00am Seminar 5– Shep Brown- “Mounting a Snake from start to finish”.
  8:30am Kids Fishing
  9:00am-4:00pm Vendor Room Open
  10:00am-12:00pm Seminar 6– Clint Rickey– “Deer Finishing “.
  12:30pm-1:00pm Competition Room open for Competitor’s Choice & People’s Choice voting

1:00pm-2:00pm Kids Seminar
  1:00pm-4:00pm Show room open to public

1:30pm-3:30pm Seminar 7–Devin Amelunke - “Mounting a life-size Bobcat”.
  3:30pm-4:30pm Seminar 8– Nick Krohn- “Photographing Mounts”.
  4:30pm Silent Auction Closes
  5:30pm-6:15pm Social time
  6:15pm-7:00pm Banquet
  7:00pm-10:00pm Awards presentation and auction.
  After Banquet Pictures taken of mounts with ribbons/awards and Taxidermist.
  10:00pm-11:00pm  Competition Room Open
Date Time Event
06/11/2017 8:30am-10:00am Business meeting– Everyone is welcome to attend.
Newly Elected officials announced.

8:00am-1:00pm Competition Room open for critiquing
  8:00am-11:00am Vendor room open
  9:00am-1:00pm Competition Room open to public