1. World score sheet will be used.
  2. Ribbons will be awarded based on the following point system:
      • First:           90-100
      • Second:      80-89
      • Third:         70-79
  3. A blue ribbon must be scored to receive a Best of Category in a division.
  4. Multiple ribbons will be awarded in all divisions based on the NSTA's point system.
  5. No freeze-dried entries or parts are allowed except turkey heads and antlers in velvet.
  6. All entries must be completed by the Competitor, without assistance; including finishing and the habitat.
  7. All animals on a multi-animal piece must be judged (and entry fee paid).  Exception is part of the habitat.
  8. Distasteful entries are not allowed.  The Competition Committee will determine this.
  9. Protected species must have all required permits with them.
  10. Entries in glass cases must have the sides and tops removed prior to judging.
  11. Reference material may be submitted with any entry at the registration table to substantiate pose, color, etc.
  12. A Judge's decision is final at the time the scores are turned in.
  13. Participants are expected to conduct themselves in a professional matter, even if they have a disagreement with the Judge's decision.
  14. The NSTA will provide the security and be as careful as possible with all mounts.  Everyone is advised that accidents are possible and that the competitors should purchase insurance on their mounts through their local insurance agent.  The NSTA, it's Officers, Board Members, Judges, Vendors or Members shall not be held responsible or liable for any mounts entered in competition under any circumstances.
  15. All persons attending seminars and/or using vendor privileges must pay the registration fee.  This includes husbands, wives, and children over 18.  Children 18 & under only pay the mount entry fee if applicable.
  16. Anyone 18 & under who is competing and does not have a Parent/Sponsor competing in the show will be assigned a Sponsor who is competing in the show.  These 18 & under Competitors will only pay the fees associated with each mount entered.
  17. Competitors must be a member of a state association to compete.  (If the Competitor is not a member of any state association, they must join the NSTA to compete.)
  18. It is highly recommended that a Competitor take part in the show to enter a mount.
  19. No Member or Competitor can be in the judging area while judging is in progress (other than the Competition Committee) unless the Board of Directors and Officers choose to allow otherwise.
  20. No Member or Competitor is to try to influence the Judges in anyway.
  21. Any Competitor violating these competition rules will be subject to loss of any and all awards.  Entry fees will not be reimbursed.
  22. Photographs of the competition pieces may be taken.  The Officers and Board Members of the NSTA can in no way control the posting of these photographs on the internet.

Nebraska State Taxidermists Association

Kelli Keyes, Secretary

29497 205th Avenue

Columbus, NE  68601